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    Been reading this and another bicycle motor forum. Thanks for all the custom ideas and help i have read on here!

    I am building a Schwinn cruiser at the moment...from the ground up. Striped the bike down/sanded and repainted/clear coated. New parts and customizing most parts it seems. Have a 50cc Starfire Gen ii-A motor. Running the HD hub...will probably make a new hub as well for custom sprocket and less dish on left side.

    Have been pleased thus far from Bicycle-engines website for parts for this 50cc.

    Motor mount/intake coming from Creative Engineering (he is closing shop Nov 15th:( **** good prices and craftsmanship!

    Looking forward to getting to know some folks here:0


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    Welcome aboard.

    Is Creative Engineering actually closing up for good? That would be a shame. He makes some good stuff.
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