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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by K98148, Apr 1, 2010.

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    I found this forum via google while looking up for service from a certain online vendor. I found some reviews for it:

    I truely hope to get some good information here, possibly some DIY people etc.. I have a few bikes that could use motors and I see motor kits at sites.. I'm hands on with alot of things and looking to the motorized version due to disability.

    But am yet unable to reply to it. I just wanted to say for starters this company should be closed. First attempt to order was a Male version of the electric bike kit, was out of stock, so ordered the second choice in a different color which was not listed out of stock.

    What is to arrive in the mail? .. A Female version of the bike, I had a phone call with them and they will not send the male version of the bicycle. I guess I will be stuck riding it now.

    Difficulty here is I am disabled and a friend from oversea's ordered this, I only wish this company had better phone / customer service then what some of the reviews said.. some were good some were bad.. unfortunately I got the bad. It is a shame some companies operate this way and my unfortunate first foray in to electric / motorized bicycles.

    Be at least a year before I can save for something else.. Guess I will goto Spookytooth bikes since I read only good about them.
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    K98148...welcome to the forum. There are numerous people here who will help you with the build of your new Motored Bike. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who is connected to the Better Buisness Beurau. Once you get a good kit, and good bike, there are a lot of people to help. Please don't rush into threads here, and ask questions before you lay out any money. You have a lot of options...explore them here on the various forums.