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    Hello to everyone and thanks for all the info that I read before joining, it was a big help. I'm in Valdosta, Ga. I ride a 2001 GT XCR 4000 (freebie) in perfect condition -tires & tubes,I think it was used 3 or 4 times then hung in garage.This allowed me to spend more on the kit.The kit I went with is the GEBE w/PF-4000. I went with the tanaka because I new that was the boat motor my Grandfather used 20 years ago and is still running today(must be good.) I grew up on 2-stroke dirt bikes and never thought this motor on a bicycle would be so much fun, can't wait to get a trailer and go camping to the bluegrass festvals at the "Suwannee River Music Park". any tips or suggestion on trailers (cheap).I just hit 1200 miles on my kit and ordered the HP carb(Tanaka made) , highway gear, and the X-can HP muffler. I run 32 now. What can I expect,

    Never been in any forum so tell me what I do wrong.
    Are tags and smiles just for fun
    What is difference between post and threads.
    What is the best way to find other MBers in my area

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    Welcome to the forums! That's great you were able to get help from everyone out here 1200 miles ago, looking forward to at least 1200 more!
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    Your doing fine. Use the search function with the keyword "trailers" There are many different ones that have been made.

    The tags and smiles are for fun....:idea:But I recommend them if you are trying to be funny, :detective:It helps others know that you mean no harm.

    A post is an individual entry. Like what I am writing to you. A thread is the individual entries grouped together, that are discussing a topic.

    Check out the Lets Ride section to get in touch with other riders in your area.

    Welcome to MBc!!