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    just built my motored bicycle,here in sunny Halifax n.s. now found all this help on your site should have looked harder , any views on my bike will be read thankyou. Bike is a ridgeback hybrid style mid '90s 21speed, just fitted a 48cc motor, from G.O.Bikes in cape bretton Nova Scotia, well pleased a good price.But can't leave alone so just portmatched exhaust flange, now changed carb to a mikuni from a 1976 yam fs1e 49cc, fitted it using a 5" long hose(heater hose) Trying to smooth out chinese vibe's and find some more bottom end 'power',
    Have enjoyed reading all the forum so far cheers

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    Welcome to MBc :D
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    exhaust mod

    just done 'jaguars' mod to stock muffler cut open removed the 3 plates and cut notch at top, results aremore noise but as for performance not much, but it is now very clear that my motor is 4stroking more than '2 stroking'!!!!
    what can anybody recomend for a cure? spark plug ? or coil upgrade? help