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  1. CODZ42

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    hey guy, the name is cody and im in australia. i have just started getting into the motorised bike scene and it seams to be a fun, cheap and eazy way to get around. i have orded myself a 80cc (66cc) engine kit to get me started and i have my 2007 Giant Talon which should be the perfect bike being light and comfterble ride.. i am looking forward to getting it ready and runed in, will get some pics up when its here.. also a question is how much power can i push out of these china motors, ive found plenty of mods its just could these handle everything done to them.

    cheers cody

  2. Saddletramp

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    It's about time you got here. You found the right place mate. Just ask and the info is yours. Welcome.
  3. CODZ42

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    Just starting off with the ebay engine and then after getting the knowlage, tips and performance parts i'll look into finding the best Jap/high quality engine to go for and source a sbp shift kit.
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    welcome to the form and the mb world