Tires New to Friction - Looking for tire recommendations

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by littletinman, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. littletinman

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    Hi All,

    Just ordered my first friction kit. I'm looking for tire recommendations for the rear wheel. Here are my options:

    My current tires will do for now, they aren't knobby. They are hybrid mountain road. I just want to replace them after the first few hundred miles to better suited tires.


  2. Esteban

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    Here is a tire I like.

    Take the time to learn how to efficiently ride a friction drive. Learn to " feather " the acceleration . Slow take offs, no over-revving, no revving when stopped, pedal a little on take offs, going uphills, & on wet pavement & tires will last a long time.
  3. grinningremlin

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    I'm running a Michelin Pilot City, have 500 miles on it and it looks like it can go another 100, though the puncture-resistant rubber (yellow) is starting to show through.It's kind of cool, like squeakers on your car brake pads, when the other rubber starts showing it's time to start looking for another tire.Going to start on a Schwalbe Marathon Plus next, it has the same type layered rubbers; I read that your best bet is the Schwalbe Big Apple, just a fat tire with thick rubber (same rubber all the way through so you don't lose tire to puncture proofing urethane) you just have to make sure you keep a check on it's thickness after a few 100 miles.Pretty much any thick semi-slick, with a thick tube and tire liner will do ya, comes down to $$.
  4. dchevygod

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    Im not running friction drive anymore but i run the kenda 838's. Great tire! Ive got 200+ miles on my set and the front and rear are due for a rotation but smooth ride and good all weather traction. The pressure range is 40-65psi and i have front shocks so the front is ran at 60ish and the rear at 40ish. I have a f/d setup still but no engine for it. I broke a crankshaft on a honda gx31 clone after only >100 mi. " the oil seal came apart and catastrophic failure occured " i have the k838's on an aluminum motobecane 400ht with a custom toothed belt setup. I run a 3hp engine and had to upgrade to an hd wheel because i was snapping spokes.
  5. loquin

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    littletinman: the first two tires look fine. The Kenda K838 looks very similar to the Innova Questor, which I used for a while (and liked.) The rubber on the Questor is pretty soft, though, and the tire is susceptible to damage from road debris/thorns.

    The last tire you show will have more vibration, as the smooth center area is very narrow, and there will be interaction between the tread and the surface of the drive roller. Remember - tread on a bike tire is totally useless on pavement, unless, possibly if you're driving on no more than an inch or so of wet, heavy snow. In all other road conditions, including driving on wet roads, tread does nothing for bike riders except to lower friction between the bike and the road.
  6. littletinman

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    Hey All,

    I know this is a bit delayed, but I got Kenda 838 and it's working fantastic. That coupled with the Bumble Bee Bolton gives me pretty good hill climbing ability, along with good flat speeds. The only time I hear slippage (for feel it) is if I try to rev too quickly and drastically. Thank you all for the advice!

    I'm waiting for a rainy day to see if the Kenda 838 tread design will help at all with water displacement and friction grip under moisture.