new to group very intersting site

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    Hello, I found the site researching a vintage taz engine that I may be buying. I looked around and was quite impressed and thought that I should join as there is a lot of cool stough on the site,although i have not looked around at everything i am sure there is also a wealth of information as well.. I collect just about everything. I never had a motorized bike,although I really had a lot of fun with my old stingray.if I would have known i could put a motor on it wow i would have really enjoyed it.

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    Hi Collect, welcome to Motoredbikes!
  3. iluv2collect

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    thanks for the welcome!!!

    Hello professor,Thanks very much,I look forward to be in this group. I have recently devoloped an interest in the 2 cycle motors and am so glad as this site is great. I have friend who bulids his own motorized bikes and I stumbled upon this. There seems to be a wealth of information and I look forward to being part of the group.Thanks so much for the welcome.Ron.