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    hello out there im dav from saint louis mo i build my bike about a month ago i got a 48cc grubee and a axle/hub kit i put on a 29 in (fisher)?? mtb i put 26 in wheels on to the 29in frame (had to move (lower) brakes) also motor bolted right in but this was the only way i was going to be able to have my feet flat on the ground i also put a extension to lower the seat some more. i love riding this!! the only part i dont like is since these parts were not made to go this fast my bike is always breaking down buing parts i have come to the fact that bicycle parts just are not HD enough so now i try to only purchase parts intended for small motorcycles or mopeds but now i got mine done i keep seeing other people out on MB s so now after my last fix (i guess gas gos bad) cause thats really all i changed i would just like to say thanks to the forum which helped me fix my bike this last time and happy riding out there here r some pic of my ride BIKE 3rd001.jpg

    BIKE 3rd002.jpg

    BIKE 2nd010.jpg

    BIKE 2nd012.jpg

    BIKE 2nd014.jpg

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    A good looking machine. (though the photos themselves aren't all that great)

    I've been thinking about trying those BMX style handlebars myself. If I do it, I'm gonna clamp the "gooseneck" around the middle bar. that'll leave the lower bar hanging down in front. That'll be a good spot to mount a headlight and maybe other items like turn signals.