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    Hello, to everybody hopefully I can get myself some help here. I don't really know where to start except at the beggening I guess so don't get to enthused for a very short and rather boring story.

    I purchased (sorta) my first scooter/bike from a Friend last Sunday while working helping out a coworker at a motocross event. It's a tiny 1980 Honda XL80S 80cc engine. It's been stripped to be more of a dirt bike but I am going to make it street legal again. Considering I need a form of transportation to get around. Never road a bike in my life till Sunday, and then I bought this because it was relitivly inexpensive and in great condition for being 32 years old.

    I do have some questions about the bike though on how to make it run just a tad bit faster. If somebody can direct me to the forum to ask there.


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    Hi, this is a motorized bike forum.... but it's your lucky day because I know a bit about motorbikes and have a similar Honda CT110 Postie Bike!

    Your best power gain would be to remove any air intake restrictions, re-jet the carby and put on an after market exhaust. A word of warning - If you just take out any of the air intake restrictions (without doing the other mods) your bike may not run. Small engines such as these will suck too much air and will not start or run until you replace the proper air intake restrictions. So do the other mods and maybe get a mechanic to tune it for you and you will be fine.

    Another thing you can do is change the sprocket ratio so that you get a higher cruising speed without revving the engine too much. Here's a link to an online sprocket calculator for motorbikes Remember that if you gear the bike for higher top speeds you will loose an equal percentage of torque.
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    Guys on this forum have used every type of engine imagineable on a bicycle. You are limited only by your imagination and willingness to learn.
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    The best advice I can give anyone with an old engine they want to work better is to strip it down properly, clean everything properly, and then reassemble the engine the way the designer intended, not the way the factory put it together, replacing things which are known to lose efficiency at the same time.

    This has the advantage of using standard parts designed to last, in the majority of Hondas, and standard spares available if anything breaks.
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    welcome to the form if it a motor this is the place they have been so helpful..:cowboy2::scooter::scooter: