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    Back in the 60's I had a cousin that could convert a crusier into a go-fast nearly overnight. He'd weld a 26" rim to the outside of the rear wheel then weld a plate to the frame to hold a 3hp B&S. With a pulley/belt drive he'd fab a foot operated jackshaft. We'd use the original push/pull throttle cable for speed control and we'd be off. A lot of summer memories were had on these motorbikes. I'm gonna try to fab something similar with the trackbike theme in mind. Wish me luck and more fond memories.

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    sounds cool!!

    Welcome to MBc.
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    I remember seeing something like what you're describing about 1970 or so. Didn't get a close look; he just went on by. But the engine was a B & S (or similar) horizontal crank.

    I'll bet his drive was similar.