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    With gas prices still giving me an ulcer, I am exploring my options. I have never had a motorcycle and with Trail 90's and 110's going for $1000 and up, I am looking at the bicycles. I have never had a comfortable bike and the new cruisers look comfortable but some are single speeds. It's just a little too far to "pedal" to work and I hate firing up my pickup to just take my butt to work. Sooooo, here I am. I will be eating up the information as I try to decide if I should buy a 49 or 70cc, complete bike or DIY kit, 2 stroke or 4 stroke, single or 7 / 21 speed bike, cheap bike or "investment" bike, aluminum or steel frame, etc. I am fairly certain I won't be riding an electric - but who knows!?

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    Hello, and welcome aboard.

    You've come to the right place. You can learn what you need to here.

    And you'll have fun. It's a win-win situation.
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    Hey, I'm new and in Montana, too

    Hey there!

    I'm in Montana, too, and I'm after more outdoor time in while traveling to the grind. I can't live without a 4-wheel drive myself, but I can sure as heck do without it in fair weather. I'm also trying to decide which setup to invest in. I'm a bit queasy about riding the highway. I'm looking to get a little help with power to help fight the wind while traveling the cow path off the highway until I get to town. If you get any insight for your situation, I'd appreciate you keeping in touch.

    You might find this interesting. In my online research, I found a site listing various vendors who mentioned a company out of Conner, MT, Once at their site they listed their location as being in Darby. They make some really cool aluminum chromoly (sp?) bikes. Sorry, I could have screwed that up. ha ha! Their recumbents have some terrific reviews from people using them to tour Glacier, and those who travel year round with their bikes. They give excellent advice about each model to help a person decide which one suits their body type and usage needs, as well as the reasons they use the motor they install on those with power assist. I liked the notion of using the recumbent to stop and get the groceries on the way home and put them in a softsided pack or mountable tote. Yeah... I'm a mom with a zillion responsibilities in her day. Anyhow, they pack an extremely stiff price tag, but seem to be of very high quality ~ much like the Cadillac STS I used to own ~ worth every cent! Living in the "now", I think I need to start a bit lower to get my butt out there, and save for a cadi along those lines.

    Take care.

    Lisa in Montana. :)