New to me 2006 Whizzer ride! Lights go out off idle and lots of carbon & backfiring

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  1. Timbo

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    Hello all,

    I have a 2006 whizzer with the carb spacer. I just bought it off CL with 400 miles.

    It did not have fire at first but unplugging and plugging in the wiring harness got spark back

    2 problems that may be related to each other.

    1 issue runs:
    Its running rich. It has black smoke and sometimes backfires when backing off the throttle. It runs better if the car mix is all the way in and ran better when I removed the air cleaner.

    Do these motor require exact jetting?

    I saw in the 1999 repair manual that you can change timing 1 notch and will help. Has anyone done this?

    Any other ideas?

    2nd issue Lights.
    For some reason when I turn on the bike (lights come on), start it, the lights go out when revving above idle. Lights come back on when RPMs go back to idle.

    If I unplugged the battery the bike still runs like normal (bad as above) same with or without battery.

    2014-10-26 17.11.17.jpg

  2. mason_man

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    Not sure about the electrical, check your valve settings. .008 exhaust .006 intake.
    Maybe valve seats are leaking? Head may need to be re-torqued, 165 inch pounds for 8mm head bolts, 210 inch pounds for 10mm head bolts.
    Cam should be advanced one dot.
    Carb main jet should be #84.

    Hope this helps,
  3. Timbo

    Timbo New Member

    Ray, thanks for the suggestions.

    I will check all of them & post the results.

  4. Otto

    Otto New Member

    Any updates Tim?
  5. Timbo

    Timbo New Member

    Hello Otto,

    No, we are in the grip of the freeze these last 2 weeks and my garage is not heated, i am hoping to get to it soon.
  6. Otto

    Otto New Member

    I know what you mean Tim, same here in North Texas. It's supposed to warm up over the next few days.
  7. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Take the bike in your house to work on it! :)
  8. Timbo

    Timbo New Member


    It warmed up today so I looked at the carb and cam timing, Wished I had looked at the valves first as when I took off the side cover the gasket tore so I cannot reinstall to check them yet.

    Timing (see pics) was what I think is advanced 1 notch. Not sure if I should put it back together lined up or leave it as is (advanced 1 notch)?

    Carb was dirty and main jet was a 95.

    Need Parts:
    Carb Bowl gasket had silicone on it (needs replaced).
    where can I get the 84 jet?
    side cover gasket.

    I will check the head bolts when i get Allen socket to fit my torque wrench (tomorrow).
    2014-11-21 17.12.56.jpg
  9. mason_man

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  10. Racie35

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    Side cover gasket....whizzerpaul on ebay