New to motor bikes and from DIY go karts :D

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    Hey guys, I'm from DIY go karts but looking for something practical for travel. I want something to get me to and from school because there are so many hills and I don't want to get a workout at 7 in the morning! I'm looking for a kit that is about 80cc and can get me going about 25-30 for fun, but also have the torque to get up some hills. I'd also like to know what the laws are considering a bike that has an engine in it. i live in California so will some cop pull me over and tell me I'm riding a motorcycle and slap me 15 fines? Thanks for all the help!
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    The 80 cc labeled kits are really 66 cc and that is the
    largest 2 stroke kit motor sold. What is your budget?

    Depending upon what area of CA you ride in the level
    of enforcement varies from none to getting your bike
    impounded in Newport Beach for not being in compliance
    with the list below.

    CA laws about gas powered motorized bicycles are:

    DOT helmet.
    $19 one time fee license plate.
    M2 endorsement on your drivers license or M1
    Left side mirror.
    Red rear reflector.
    Lights for night riding.

    The DMV license plate form REG 230 has the 4 questions
    that determine if your bike qualifies as a motorized bike.
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