Clutch New to Motor Bikes - Clutch pads?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by 66cc-outlaw, Mar 23, 2013.

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    Hi everyone. My name is Marc and I live in Florida. I am new to Motor Bikes. I bought my first one used from a guy who built it. I ran real nice until I decided to take the motor off and put it on another bike. Ever since I have been having tons of trouble. I've been able to learn alot out troubleshooting it from theses forums. My latest problem had been getting it to start up. I have been opening up the gear box and adjusting the clutch alot. At one point it must have been too loose because there was a whole lot of black dust in it, a friend told me thats clutch pad dust. I need to replace my clutch pads. Will this set of clutch pads work for the Grubee Skyhawk GT-5 66cc motor?

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    there are three types of pads that I've seen - circular of black rubber & fiber - trapezoidal of black rubber & fiber - trapezoidal of a red rubbery substance

    if you replace them, get at least the same shape

    dust in the clutch gallery does not mean the pads are too worn, though, as they'll make a lot of dust for a long time before wearing completely