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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by RAS1142, Jul 17, 2011.

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    HI My name is RAS1142 been watching this forum for a while and have learned a bunch. I BUILD A SCHWINN BICYCLE 5 SPEED,to a motorized bicycle, with a China 48cc kit, WITH SOME GOOD AD VICE FROM THE PEOPLE ON THIS FORUM THAT HAVE DONE IT BEFORE ME, RAN IT FOR ABOUT 400 MILES AND SOLD IT FOR 500.00 DOLLARS ,now I have two occ choppers motorized, one red with HF 2.5 hp on rear over rear tire belt drive to a jack shaft , with 2 1/2 '' clutch pulley to a 4''on jack shaft, also on in side of pulley on jack shaft is an 10 tooth sprocket # 40 down to a 44 tooth sprocket on the rear wheel chain drive, and and idler pulley spring loaded,have over 400 miles on this system and works great, top speed 33 mph and runs nice 24 to 28 mph, next the black occ chopper, is the same system except a 3'' pulley on the clutch, and a 5'' on the jack shaft runs out at 36 mph and runs great at 25 to 30 mph with and 3.5 HF motor. The best part is it all can be UN bolted and the bike goes back to stock. having fun building this bikes and now some people what me to start a business, not for me don't need the stress, but enjoy this forum.

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    Welcome to MBc, Ras. Thanks for introducing yourself to the membership, and telling us something about what you have built so far. Be sure to read all of the posts at the beginning of the forums...they contain valuable information about finding your way Arond and, most important, the rules of the forums to follow. You may also make abundant use of the search function. Find your way around, make some friends, and be a contributing member. Good Luck.