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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by cthomatz, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. cthomatz

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    I just ordered a 35cc 4 stroke gebe. I should get it in a couple of weeks. I am going to put it on a
    I live in Carson City Nv. I plan to commute about 34 miles to work and back. When I tell poeple this there reaction is basically that I am crazy. Am I is this to long of a distance?

  2. jared3377

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    Welcome, man! I think you'll find what you need here! :cool::cool::cool:
  3. Just_Gasit

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    Carson City?


    I too live in Carson City, the north end. I recently built my own push trailer and have been riding it to work along the freeway bike trail. I've decided this is working out pretty good for me but I'm only 3 miles one way. The obsticals for you will be the hills and possible flat tires. You don't say which way your commute is but there is a pretty good hill in every direction out of CC. I'm using a mountain bike too and have been considering a frame mounted engine setup. I would like to know how yours works out.

  4. Happy Valley

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    Hi and welcome to MBc. That's a nice setup and I'd be surprised if you don't like it, especially with the 4 stroke.
    As to the commute, is that 34 mi. round trip or each way? For me, I always thought about 15 mi. one way was the max I'd care to do. But since you've got the kit coming, try it and see how it goes, only you can decide if it's something you want to do.
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    I have a first cousin in Carson City, I've been trying to explain the GEBE to him over the phone, maybe I can get him in touch with you folks when you get the bugs out.

    When you do the first week of commuting, bank on 50 minutes to do the 17 miles.

    What is funny is how much time you could save on the urban part of the ride, shortcuts in the city that automobiles never notice. I am probably the only person alive to hit 17 green lights in a row, (US 31 through downtown Cullman) never touching brakes or letting off the throttle, using the same engine you are buying.
  6. Mountainman

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    I guess that Iam a slow rider
    with the traffic conditions that we have here
    I would plan on an 1 1/2 hr ride each way
    17 miles each way right
    average traveling speed taking everything in 15 mph ???