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    i got my nickname many years ago from buddies at work because my passtime was building and flying experimental airplanes. i still fly, but have slowed down a bit as i'm now in my 60's.
    i live outside a small town in middle tennessee and travel 8 miles to the nearest store for a loaf of bread or use the rec center gym. a bit larger town is 20 miles away, so you can see i consume alot of gas. i enjoy riding bicycles, but i'm not always up to a 40 mile round trip to the airport. that's why the motor idea came about.
    i researched and decided to purchase the bikeberry 49cc flying horse 5g 4 stroke. i really wished there was a usa made kit out there, but my research showed that was wishful thinking on my part. closest i came was finding a company on the internet advertising a usa built kit in florida. after emailing and calling to a disconnected phone number, i figured the company didn't want to talk to me.
    the kit was fun to put on a 1972 murray monterrey cruiser. amanda at bikeberry was very helpful and sent me a 2 stroke video as there are no instructions that come with the 4 stroke kit. calls to bikeberry were always returned, even if not always in a timely manner. amanda did try to help me with any and all questions.
    the engine popped right off and i took her for a spin down the road. came back to find the nut worked its way off the left pedal wide crank, and both phillips screws holding the exhaust on worked their way loose. if there's one thing i'd do if i was designing this kit, it would be to pitch all the chinese nuts and bolts and replace them with usa made quality fasteners. couldn't be that much more $$$ and save alot of grief. ever notice how the chinese lock washers become flat after one use?- ain't doin a bit of good if they lose their springy design. i used a bunch of purple for small screws and blue for larger screws LOCTITE to try to keep it all together. it's a hoot to ride and after another few mile test run, i'll add a basket to the front and rear and venture off to the grocery store. hope it saves our ecology and me some gas!
    take good care and don't forget your bike helmets!

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    Welcome aboard :D