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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rgd48, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. rgd48

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    i bought my first motored bike from a college student that didn't take the time to do things right. wow, have i learned a big lesson. i should have bought e'thing new from the start. however, i probably wouldn't have the knowledge that i have now and i'm still learning. its been fun though.

  2. professor

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    Hi and welcome to Motoredbikes!
  3. rgd48

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    i am considering buying a new motor. i currently have a flying horse. i like it but it vibrates real bad. what would be a good motor with minimal problems. i also have a schwinn beach cruiser that i am currently running it on.
  4. wbuttry

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    if it's a 2 stroke they all vibrate bad since they are only single ciylnder . And the crank shaft cant really be balanced perfect.They will but you you can get thousands of miles and many years if taken care of properly.
    just use locktite one every nut and bolt and get a little bag with a few tools you use most freq on these motor bikes. And ride them tilll you cant ride no more and then ride some more.
  5. Dave C

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    Hi and welcome :) The 49's vibrate less than the 66's. They are closer to being in balance due to the fact they hung a bigger piston and more stroke on the crank and used a shorter rod to keep the same barrel height on the 66's...

    There are some threads you can search dealing with balance. I talked to one machinest. Couldn't seem to make him understand I wasn't going to pay $75 to have a $11 part balanced ;)
  6. shell shock

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    actually, i have to disagree. (it might just be mine) but my flying horse engine is golden, the only time she vibrates is when i have WOT, and even then, its just a slight high freq vib in the peddles. noting major. then again, my frame is at 76 deg. so the engine fits perfect (thank you sears for making that bike!)