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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SeaRider, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. SeaRider

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    When I was hit by the "one-two" shock of soaring gas prices - followed closely by the unpleasant discovery that parts are no longer available for my aged car - I began considering alternatives. MotoredBikes was one of the forums which helped me decide that a motorized bicycle is the correct transportation choice for me.

    Similarly, the input here (and on other reputable sites) made me realize, first of all, that I wanted my first bike to be built for me; second, that reliability was my sole concern; and finally, that I wanted Pirate Cycles to build my bike for me.

    The bike they chose for me is a Worksman with a 4-stroke EZM motor: basic and rugged, but elegant.

    Thanks for providing such a great resource for motorized bike enthusiasts!

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  2. Lazieboy

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    Looks like that would be hard to steer. lol. 4 stroke is nice. i would paint that red some other color though. Very nice.
  3. ddesens

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    unless he likes to go in circles.
  4. SeaRider

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    Thanks, Lazieboy. Actually, the "red" is sort of an orange, and it's plastic - part of the engine housing. I was a little leery of the black/orange/silver color scheme, but once I unpacked the bike and saw it for myself, I didn't find it objectionable at all.

    And ddesens? Wrong pronoun: "she", not "he". ;)