New to motorized bike; dealing with Pipelyne

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    I'm new to motorizing bikes. After doing some online research, I ended up picking up a Micargi Huntington and an Imperial Cycles board tracker fuel tank. I decided I wanted a Morini engine and decided to order it thru Dean @ Pipelyne. Horrible mistake. I order the engine back in late November. Dean said he could have all the extra parts (engine mount, pipe, spocket, chain, throttle, etc) out by the middle of next week. That would have been the beginning of December. After calling a few times and getting told 'the order shipped, will send tracking soon,' I sat back for a while. I started calling him a couple times a week starting around the second week of January. I've emailed him four time. Nothing. No response whatsoever. It being Feb 9th, this is super f**king annoying. So here I sit, brand new Morini engine and no mount from Pipelyne. Not a big fan of Dean.

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    Dylan...I guess we all can tell that you are dealling with 'Piplyne'!! It would sound like they were digging the trench right up to your back door...then laying the pipe!! I can't think of any corrective measures.
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    Ripped off by Pipelyne

    Dylan...After whipping some thought on this, you might try:
    1. checking your local Police Department (then the Police Department where "pipeline" has it's offices.
    2. contact the Local District, or State Attorney's Office (Then the State Attorney's office where they have their offices.)
    3. [The Big Guns] Contact the consumer affair's division in the the State in which they do business.

    If this doesn't get a response, I'm sorry, but year out of luck...???!!!