New to motorized bikes in Florida

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    Hi, My name is Craig. I have recently moved to Florida, outside of Tampa to a small town Called Zephyrhills. I have also just bought a motorized bike. It is a Huffy with a 49cc engine. I have owned motorcycles of all sizes up to and including a Honda Gold Wing. The last bike I bought was a 250cc Roketa scooter. I wasn't sure if I would like driving or not, but it was a blast and since it got 65 miles to the gallon, it was cheap to ride any time. Even if I was broke and only had 5 bucks to my name until I got paid, I could fill it's 1.6 gal tank with the fiver, and drive around for hours at a time. Here's my MB:
    bike1.jpg I understand the bike I bought should get something like 125 miles to the gallon. The guy I bought it from said the tank is 1/2 gallon and could go 70 miles before you needed to fill it. That's amazing if true. He bought it for his niece when she lost her license and she kept popping the clutch in the beginning and she was breaking spokes and blowing out the rear tire. So he made some improvements, here they are: Stainless Steel high strength rear tire spokes. New rear Kevlar tire and inner tube. New 415H High Tensile Strength (3700 lbs.) drive chain. New Ball bearing chain tensioner. Ball bearing motor. The rear sprocket is welded on to the wheel, not bolted.
    Well I will let you know how it goes. If you have any suggestions or advice, please feel free to reply back. This is all new...

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    Great looking bike. The down side is Florida is very tough on motorized bicycles. You have to meet their moped requirements. 50 cc or less, no manual clutching, no gear shifting by the operator after primary engine drive is engaged and must have peddles. Be ready to kill your engine as soon as you see a cop. Some places in Florida are worse than others.
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    Thanks for the info. I think this mb meets the rules you mention...
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    Sorry Craig ,,,it doesn't meet the new rules.....look up RS-68 a new rule that came into affect on 5-14-14....must have full lighting, front & rear brakes, be inspected & passed by DMV, & must be tagged....I'm in Bay Co. Fl. and the Sheriff's Dept told me that they don't mess with motorized bikes unless they are being ridden recklessly....they just look the other way....not true of FHP or other local city cops...
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    i should have my bike finished soon im starting a thread on the whole registering process ill be updating it soon so check it out when ever. Im Doing it either in Tampa or Orlando BTW
    Safe Riding Bro !