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    Hi, Im from Toronto, I just discovered that bicycles can be converted to run on a motorized engine a couple of days ago since I was planning to buy an electric bike, but a friend said that a motorized bike would be a better option since it goes faster and is much cheaper than buying an electric bike. So basically Im here looking for recommendation for kits to buy within the $200-300 price range that includes quality parts. And where would I buy the kits and what kind of bikes should I use, I want to put it on a MTB with front suspension, would that be a good idea and is there a specific reason why many people convert a cruiser bike? Oh and also, I was looking at this kit here just wondering if its worth buying. Thanks


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    thats the truth. cruiser and beach bikes are used for looks and comfort and riding position i think. its great to have suspension front, rear and seat post.
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    Hi Andrew. Welcome to MB.c
    Glad your here. Look through the photo section and get ideas.
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    welcome and those recommended can not be beat !!!

    Yes -- I also think those are the best deals for the day

    I have the basic same set up -- supplied by another vendor
    must tell you that I paid almost 150 dollars more

    those Robin Subaru engines should sell fast -- THEY ARE SWEET !!!

    sure makes it nice when you ---- RIDE THAT THING
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    Check out all the cool M/B's on You-Tube
    Kinda neat to see them in action !!!
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    Shop around

    G'day Andrew
    Shop around. There are lemons out there which could sour your experience. My very faithful engine is a Skyhawk that has clocked up 2,000 kilometres. Have a look at my website

    Cheers, Greg