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    Hi All,
    Decided recently to motorize my bike since it's too expensive to get around the city by car. I bike around sometimes a couple miles when I need to do something near home, but as a track athlete I'm usually too tired to bike all the way across town on a regular basis.
    I'm not interested in any sort of special kind of performance or gizmos, I'm just looking for a reliable kit that I can install easily (I don't have much of a mechanical background). I was looking into, but they advertise their bikes as being completely street legal without requiring anything. I looked up the laws and it appears that I need an M1 or M2 license along with a whole bunch of other things, and now I'm not so sure I want to buy from a company that falsely advertises their product. Any suggestions on a good bike kit or where to start?

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    Ben, welcome to MBc. I would check out our "Vendor Reviews Forum"...we are sponsored by most of the very reputable vendors. Our Admin Staff Vets them quite closely. We don't let just any fly-by-night company to put their name on our site. Good Luck to you, and wish you the best.