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    i was going to drop som cash and put electric motor but i saw your collective work and felt more energized to try the 2 stroke cycle. Noise may be a bit of concern but i think it would be cool to tune the muffler systems ive been lookng at. Ive got and older but well taken care of crom-moly trek 750, elevated the stem, and have a rear flat metalwire book bag cage. I ordered a 66cc/80cc all stock motor. I already have a buyer. then i was going to buy a nirve switchblade, put a 5 speed and get a higher compression engine with a jackshaft. thinking way ahead of myself. but a chopper jackshaft is a pipedream. thanks for all whove done work to make this doable. i promise to photo my progress, cause nothin beats a mistake on media.

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    Welcome to the forum. Some guys like gas engines. Some guys like electric motors. Some like both.
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    Don't limit yourself to just HT engines, there's some nice 4 strokes and rack mount efficiency champions available like the Stanton and Golden Eagle kits.