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    Hi all! I've been running for a few weeks on a 2 stroke bike I built with craigslist parts. While I love the bike, and intend to make it reliable, it seems I've had the typical happy time budget-build experience.
    -All but one of the mounting studs broke off in the engine
    -engine mounts suck
    -chain tensioner failed
    -engine case bolts rattled out and were lost5
    -head nuts came loose and head gasket failed
    -when I was replacing the head gasket I noticed the old gasket's diameter was too small- like it was meant for a 49cc engine. the excess gasket had been smashed and burnt by the piston.
    -when I pulled the head to replace the gasket, I got the terribly machined head and cylinder smoothed out
    -the screw that holds the crank gear came loose in the first couple miles and blew the engine cover open
    -replaced the petcock, fuel line, and carb
    -discovered there wasn't enough clearance inside my bike frame to fit the new carb and air filter
    -bike rear axle broke
    and finally today after replacing all the hardware on the engine, I discovered my bike frame had cracked. now I'm looking for a new bike and new mounts (I'll try to spend more money this time) to get my cleaned-up engine back on the road.

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    Whoa! These engines and dept store bikes are known to be of not-too-high quality. But you've had worse luck than average.

    It's a shame. But it sounds like you plan on getting back on the road. That's good.

    I don't suppose I need to tell you to keep an eye on those fasteners? :)

    Good luck to you. The second bike should do better. It can hardly do worse.
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    Thanks, I think I tried to be too stingy with my money and paid the price later. I got the bike for free (it was trash) and I got the engine kit for $100. This time around I'll invest a little more in a reliable bike.
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    That's fine. But there's a little more to it than that.

    You see, these bikes are temperamental. And one of their flaws (to use a harsh term) is that parts are constantly working loose and getting out of alignment. Or falling off.

    But then there comes the day when you 'get it'. And when something starts to shift or loosen you feel it --you somehow know it-- before parts become damaged.

    After that, it's smooth sailing. But have a tool kit with you at all times. And ride the bike gently. That helps a lot, too.
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