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    Hi All,
    I've ben coming on here quite a bit while working on my winter project. Now that its complete I decided to become a member of this forum. Without this forum I would be clueless thanks so much everybody.

    I've got a board track racer themed motorized bike. Its got a DAX 50cc. I took adice from this page and had wheels built with 12g spokes. I do have a coaster brake, but its an overhauled Super Komet (really nice brake shoes, better than the red-striped bendix, grease zert). I used heavy duty greas on all the hubs and bearings. I studdied the scratchbuilt tank discussions and built my own tank that fits in the cantilever cruiser frame. The frame is a vintage 60's western flyer with welded dropouts (had a friend beef up the rear frame). I found some sick tires by Bontrager called "Hank" ( 26x2.3 kevlar/wire composit).

    I enjoy building custom bicycles using as much vintage parts as possible, but this is the first one i built with an engine. Its ben very frustrating mounting the engine and getting things to work right, but if it wasn't challenging it would be a boring hobby.

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    How about that? It sounds like you really did heed the advice you picked up here. good for you.

    Sounds like a tough bike. Photos would be appreciated.
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    Heh, sounds like you're having fun. Welcome to MBc, nice intro.
  4. ncherguy

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    Still learning to post pictures, but here are two. I'm still playing with that darn wheel tensioner and a minor leak in my tank

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