New to Nashville TN, New To Forum, Need Local Contacts. Help Y'all!

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Does anyone know a compitent motoredbike mechanic in the Spring Hill, TN Area

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  1. Sasha Dean

    Sasha Dean New Member

    Hey I'm currently living in Spring Hill/Franklin area of Tennessee. I moved here from Austin TX, and before that Phoenix AZ. I was pretty involved in the motored-bike movement and had quite a few contacts, but don't know anyone here. Can't find any shops etc. I can do basic mechanical, but I'm living in a condo with my girlfriend and have Zero tools etc.
    I'm looking for someone local to put together a Spooky Tooth unit for me and someone who can work on it when needed.
    Please help, because people can really screw these up if not done right.
    Contact me through this forum if you know anyone mobile and competant in the Spring Hill Tennesse area.
    Thanks and good to find you guys.