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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Neufcruz, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. Neufcruz

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    I am new to this motorized bike world and want to build my wife and I a couple of rides. Mine a little more complicated, custom parts and hopefully way faster.
    My 1st noob question is and i thought I saw the answer discussed but can't find it now. Foe her bike I want it to be a basic frame and kit. Nothing too fancy. Simple and easy to peddle, start and ride. Mine, more power and shifting. (did I mention more power and speed?):jester:
    When choosing a bike, do I go with a bike that already has multiple gears and if so what is ideal? Or do i go 1 speed. Do i look at bikes with a rear coaster brake or should I get one with hand brakes? On mine I was think of going with front suspension forks and disks on both front and rear. Any disadvantages to front suspension?

    For the wife i was thinking a simple donor bike from a local store, sears, Target, Wallmart etc... for myself Im thinking a frame up build. Im looking at the Skyhawk GT2-A. I saw one of these for $139. (seems like a good buy. (yay or nay?) saw a similar version of this GT2A-S for $199. Couldn't see what the difference was but obviously a price difference. they also have the same frame with the disk brake brackets already mounted for $160. If I know i want a disk brake then is this the route. I hate asking the sales men as I always feel they are just selling for commission. Any advice on frame choice\suggestion would be appreciated.

    And last question for now is What would be the best motor for my wife. (pedal start) and preferably as quiet as possible and as smooth as possible. 2 or 4 stroke?
    And for me. I want speed and power. Shifting is preferred. Whats he best engines to look at and whats the best vendor to use?

    Thanks and looking forward to starting these projects!


  2. jaguar

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    You can't have both increased power and shifting because the shift kits rob about 8% power due to extra gears and chain between engine and rear wheel. But a shift kit can be a lifesaver if there's hills and the engine isn't highly modified.
    probably 4 stroke is best for women unless she's fat. (4-strokes are smoother, more reliable, and easier to use but weaker.)
    disc brakes are a must on the front. anything else on the rear. that goes for your wife too.
    front suspension is also very preferred.
  3. Neufcruz

    Neufcruz Member

    Live in Miami so no hills. Good to know about gears.wife is 115lbs so good 4 stroke should be fine. Any preferred vendors or brands?
  4. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    8% power loss my eye, .8% loss maybe.
    Gears change everything but you need to be pretty mechanically inclined and have the right tools to make it work reliably.

    I suggest you read the Installation Manual for the sickBikeParts 2-stroke jackshaft first to see what is involved.

    As for the bike/power combo it's all about your stature, specifically your inseam.
    You wife has to be able to sit on the bike with both feet on the ground, tough call for say a 25" inseam, and at 115# she will need to be able to balance the bike and pick it up if it falls over.

    4-stroke engines are half again the size and weight of a 2-stroke.
    I'd suggest a 3-speed electric for the wife.
    Clean, easy, almost completely silent, and you can fit one on even the smallest of bikes.



    For you something studly and fast maybe?
    The Fito is pretty nice dual disc brake bike with 3" tires for $350.
    I put the 'race' engine from and SBP HD shift kit on this one.


    That will go faster than you'd care to ride a bicycle ;-}

    Just thoughts but choices abound as you know.
  5. Neufcruz

    Neufcruz Member

    Funny you mention that as I was thinking electric possibly for her last night.
    After reading up a little on the shifter, I think I will still want to go that route. Hoping to build a good power engine so should easily make up any drive train loss etc...
    In the classified section there is a listing for a Skyhawk GT2-A frame for $99. Would this be something I should really consider? Any pros-cons.

  6. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Electrics are shifters too.

    That gasbike $99 Skyhawk GT2A frame is not an original Grubee frame, it's as cheap knock-off, Don quit selling to them a year or more ago.
    The new GT2's with V and disc brake bosses that will take a 7-speed or internal shifting wheel with tires up to 3" wide is in the works.

    Regardless they are all more expensive to build than starting with a good painted and equipped bike.

    Those gold version builds you see have nothing but the frames protective coating, it comes off.
    You need to strip it then powder coat or paint the frame.
    I just had the auto paint shop paint the customers color choice on everything that needed painted.



    That was the wrong frame for a 4-stroke, the S shaped frame would be better but a 2-stroke shifter would fit in there nice.

    Yes, the internal gas tank is awesome ;-}
  7. Neufcruz

    Neufcruz Member

    Thanks for the advice! So stay away from all of these Skyhawk frames or just that gasbike $99 version? I do like the Fito Can the front forks be swapped for suspention with a caliper mount? Which is the best\cheapest place to purchase the Fito pictured above (multi speed, dual disk and preferably front suspension. Also the best\cheapest for a tank in frame?

  8. Timbone

    Timbone Active Member

    I really like my Skyhawk GT2-A frame (the one with the bent downtube and welded motor mount) and I have comments.

    It looks cool: long, low and lean! I've seen a number of motorbikes around here and nothing looks as good as mine does!

    First, the welded motor mount: Mine failed (worked loose) after 3 months of almost daily use. I still don't know if it was my fault (letting the motor work loose) or it is something that is bound to happen. It doesn't matter really because you can IMPROVE the front mount. I tore off the flat mount section, placed fat metal angle pieces bolted together and cut them so that they basically replaced the original. There is ZERO deviation now.

    The horizontal rear drop outs are perfect for this application. You can zero in chain length aided by chain tugs. I have a slight amount of slack on the drive chain and pull it up with a minimal amount of push with the chain tensioner. Pedal side chain length is perfect.

    The one piece pedal crank is so simple and cranks that fit are easy to find cheap.

    The built in tank is large: at least 2.5L and looks so sweet. I don't like the looks of those little peanut tanks on the top tube - and they tend to move around. Gas tank hole is a female 1/8 thread (1/8 FIP: common threading that provides a wide range of fuel line hook up options.

    I am not a big fan of the threadless 1 1/8" headset. That's great for a road bike, but for a heavy bike with a motor you may feel some play with heavy braking. I would prefer an old school threaded headset, actually.

    Saddle height is very comfortable and makes for easy two legged put down at stops. That's when it feels more like a motorcycle.

    And with the engine weight and low CG, this is a great handling bike. Corners at 20+ mph are so smooth!

    Painting: a soft polishing may take a while, but I think it would yield a nice shiny silver. I used good rattle can paint - a combo of paint and primer - and got very good results. No limit to how you can treat this aluminum frame - well maybe how much you can afford to paint it. But for $10, you can get good paint results. If you ride it, things are gonna get messy anyway!

    Hope this helps somebody,

  9. Neufcruz

    Neufcruz Member

    Ok. Think I will go with the Skyhawk frame GT2-A. Question is both the Kings and Gasbike the same? Same webpage, pricing, answering service etc...
    Now that it has taken me a week to decide on frame. Now lets pick a motor.
    Going 2 stroke. Want 66\80cc with the most power available within reason. :) What brands and or "after market" replacement parts needed i.e swap out exhaust? Any advice when picking and ordering motor?
  10. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    mnodifications needed:
    plane the stock head and reduce its area for more compression.
    extend the intake tract for more low RPM power.

    replacements needed:
    a better ignition system (CDI, + high voltage coil)
  11. Neufcruz

    Neufcruz Member

    Me again!
    I decided against the Skyhawk GT2-A as when i started adding everything else I wanted to add compared to the Fito GT 7 speed with disk brakes and it was more. As recommended by some on here, they suggested the Fito GT (i picked the Matte Grey). This should be a good start and now really just need a motor to at least get going and then enhance from there.
    How does the bolt ion tank attach to this non round frame?
    I'm officially hooked now! :)
    Which 66\80cc motor should I get and from whom?
  12. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    You'll want to Jackshaft the Fito, $200 for an HD shift kit from



    I tried the gasbike 'Race Engine' on that build, it's OK but I'd take a real Skyhawk 66 and NGK Iridium plug over it.
    You'll want a dual pull brake lever from SBP with the 2-stroke shift kit as well.
    The shift kit itself has your engine mount parts, get the forms measurements right.

    The 'peanut on the top bar' is another story.
    The best way is just 10mm panel extenders, in short just a really long nut, kind of like a turnbuckle.


    Just get 4 short bolts or screws the same as the tank studs and shoot for centering each screw-in length to be in the middle of the 'big nut'.

    For looks however, I flip the 2 tank brackets over, drill the center of each clear through the top bar, tap them both, then bolt them to to the frame with some JB weld between the frame and bracket.


    Run the tank studs all the way through and you can nut the brackets right to the bottom of the tank, then just whack off all the extra stud.
    'whacking off studs', it's not only for gays ;-}
  13. Arty

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    GT@ frame

    Here is a picture of my bike with the GT2 frame. I hand sanded the gold coating off, then polished for hours.

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  14. Neufcruz

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    Ok. I will look tomorrow at sick bike Just so I get this right. The jack shaft is the shift kit? Correct? And a dual lever. Going to order the suspension forks and seat post after the bike arrives. This way I can make sure I'm getting right part and size.

    The GT2 is beautiful. I've polished most of my past motorcycles by hand and have to say I'm happy not to put that type of elbow grease into something again. Not this old man!
    Thanks all and looking forward to getting some pics up.