New to site, have problem with engine kit!

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    Hi, i'm Arnold.
    I recently bought a 4G bike engine kit from pirate cycles, to make our schwinn jaguar motorized.
    The everything is installed correctly, and when we went to go on our maiden voyage, the bike went nowhere.
    The engine seems to work fine, and the clutch engages, but the chain never turns. I did some troubleshooting and found that the one-way bearing in the freewheel is completely stripped out. I've attached a photo.

    What should I do?
    I've emailed pirate cycles for about 2 weeks with no response, and the phone number on their website goes straight to a voicemailbox that is already full.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Welcome to MBc, Arnold. I would say that, for $10.00, Lunardog seems to have the answer to your problem. And, if pirate ever does come thru with a replacement, you'll have a spare.