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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Chandler-541, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. Chandler-541

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    I just bought a 80cc sky horse of Amazon got it together but when I pull the clutch to come to a stop the engine dies without any throttle to it not sure how to fix the problem I've adjust the idle screw many times no luck the throttle pin from the top notch all the way to the bottom no luck made sure there was no air leak and still nothing only have about 2 miles on this kit so far any help would be greatly thanked

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Okay....let me start by assuming that your throttle is assembled correctly. Are you able to 'rev up' normally? When riding, does the throttle respond the way it should?
    I'm guessing the answer is "Yes". But if it's not, then you should let us know.

    But if that checks out, then I'm guessing that your trouble is simply that it's a ten dollar carburetor. They're not very precise.

    I've given up on getting a happy time engine with NT carburetor to idle at all. I can dial in a good idle. Then the next day, it seems, my engine is revving up and screaming when I stop at a red light. I'll adjust the idle and then the same thing happens right away. I can't explain it. But I accept it as a fact.

    So I just allow my engine to stall at stops. Yes, it means that I need to start up the engine after every stop. But that's not very difficult and getting some exercise is a good thing. Plus the silence when stopped is kinda nice.
  3. crassius

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    could be a lot going on here

    these motors take a while to run in enough to seat the rings, so improve a lot as you get up to about 20 miles on them

    these motors take a while to warm up even after they run in, so an idle set properly for a warm engine may stall out while engine is still cold (this also will improve a bit after some running time to get rings well seated)

    new clutches often have some of the 15 pads cut slightly higher than the rest and can drag just a bit until they wear in some - this happens pretty quickly

    clutch cables stretch about 1/8 inch when new, so adjusting cable & clutch might fix a dragging clutch
  4. jaguar

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    maybe you are losing compression due to an irregular head surface.
    even with a good seal there the stock compression is only a wimpy 90psi
  5. bakaneko

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    IMO, you should pull the spark plug and check for fouling. It could very well be that you are running too rich, fouling the plug, and making it difficult for the spark plug to spark correctly in neutral. I had this problem when I first started too. I changed the jetting on my carb and got a premium spark plug, a NGK iridium. I hope that helps. :idea:
  6. Chandler-541

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    The throttle is set up how it should be and I'm running 16:1 I've already checked the head surface by placing on something flat and it was flush I don't believe the cable has stretched out any but I could be wrong just everytime I come to a stop it dies I'm not to familiar with these kits I'm used to cars and scooters but they're not far off from scooters it could be cause it's new and needs a little wear and my idles set were it should be anyways any help is greatly thanked
  7. Chandler-541

    Chandler-541 New Member

    It could be the carb it's just a stock