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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by JoeyTissue, Oct 24, 2009.

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    I've been biilding gas bikes 4 awhile 2 sell but I never was very interested in owning & rideing 1 myself till I saw the jack shaft shiftable build kit. Now I want 2 build one 4 myself with one of the kits that are now available. They look like they would be a fun project & also fun 2 ride

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    welcome aboard.

    The shift kit from seems to have a good reputation around here. You ought to enjoy it.

    Good luck.

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    Hi Joey, And Welcome. I Bought A Shift Kit From Sbp A Year Ago Approx. Never Installed Any Of My China Girl Kits As I Read So Many Negative Posts About The Engines. I Just Finished A Shifter Kit Build With A Titan 4 Stroke 50cc. I Robbed Parts From The Shifter Kit And Ordered 2 Extra Sprockets From Sbp. I Had To Go To A 24 Tooth Sprocket On The Bb (making Up For Lack Of Jackshaft Added Gear Ratio). Think I Hit The Gear Ratios About Perfect. I Have A 7 Speed Rear Wheel And Shifter, But Mistakenly Installed A Six Cog Rear Cassette. It Works Great, Lots Of Fun Ripping Around The Hood @ 70 Yrs Of Age And 300 Lbs. It Pulls Great In 6th Gear And Starts Out In First With Gear Ratio 24:1. In The Grass I Give It A Half Turn On One Pedal And It Is Torqing!! May Not Use Clamps On Next Build. May Drill 1/2" Holes Or Larger And Weld Aluminum Pipe In The Holes So Frame Will Not Squish Together. Then Run Bolts Thru The Pipe To Bolt Eng Plate On. Will Use Spring Loaded Chain Tensioners. Could Also Slot Motor Plate For Chain Adjustment, Like I Did With Bottom Clamp Holes On The Yellow Build. The Shifter Control For Engine Rpm Is So Nice, It Just Purrs Along. I Have To Install My Cheap Speedo (with Wires.) I Don`t Know If The Motor So Close Will Mess Up The Speedo, Will Find Out I Guess! Lol. Really like the cvt bikes also, very smooth and have free wheel sprockets on rear wheel . RON

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    wow Ron ! Looks like you've got this down 2 a science! Thanks 4 the input JT
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    Welcome to MBc

    Have fun,