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    So my name is Benjamin. I built a gas bike back in July using this kit.

    I started off with a bike I found in a ditch a couple blocks from my house, but ended up putting it on this huffy.

    So far it has been a huge learning curve. The bike I bought was within centimeters of being too small. The directions from the manufacture were horrendous.
    After a while I got it running good, but ended up burning out a head gasket(I don't think the head bolts were secured well enough). Luckily they shipped an extra gasket in the kit. I've had allot of problems keeping the chain on and am now on my second chain.

    I definitely bought the lower end kit, but overall I am satisfied with the build and numerous people want me to make them one.

    I use the bike to commute on nice days and have most recently used our it hooked to our old doggy trailer to carry the cooler and chairs tailgating as there is little to no parking at the stadium.

    - Benjamin

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    Welcome to MBc, Benjamin. Glad to hear that you finally got your problem kit squared away. Be sure to read all the 'stickies' at the top of each Forum. They contain important information and helpful threads. They also contain the Forum rules all members ares are expected to follow. BTW, What do you carry in the cooler?<big Grin>
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    Yeah, the cooler was stocked with adult beverages and some food. I got allot of complements for the bike and the trailer. Had a few people want me to write up a quote for a couple bikes.