New to the forum...and motorized bikes!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Nosnibor, May 22, 2011.

  1. Nosnibor

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    Hey all,

    First just signing in and saying hey! I have always had a fascination with motorized bikes and recently got bitten by the bug to try and make one myself. I really have no idea what I am getting into and don't have any motor knowledge at all but am willing to put the time and effort to learn how to start making one!

    If anyone would be willing to help me get started I would appreciate the help and I look forward to sharing some of my creations with y'all soon!


  2. Al.Fisherman

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    Welcome to the forum. Anyway I can help, by gosh I'll do it. Where are you from. I wish people would at least post what state or country (foreign) they are from.
  3. Nosnibor

    Nosnibor New Member

    Thanks for the welcome.

    Sorry forgot to mention where I was from. I'm in Eastern Virginia. I think for my first build I'm gonna make a "ghetto" rigged bike probably with a tool motor and a old bike frame.

    From what I have learned I need to make sure that it has a (clutch?) that is horizontal because I would like to make a (chain drive?) bike. I'm going to need a sprocket to mount on the opposite side of the rear wheel, some mounting equipment, a extra brake line for a rigged throttle and hopefully bolt all that together.

    Haha...does any of that make sense? I'm just trying to piece it all up in my mind.
  4. wheelbender6

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    I think andyinchworm lives in that area.
  5. Nosnibor

    Nosnibor New Member

    Did what I post make sense to anyone?
  6. SlugMan

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    Best thing to do is read, and read some more! It sounds like your confused on some basic principles. This site is great for info, and everyone is VERY helpful. We all started where your at, so don't get discouraged. I have experience, and still get very frustrated working on these things. Best thing to do @ that point is, walk away and read, or think the problem through. Ask friends to help, that's always fun, and ya get more ideas.
    First, figure out what style engine ya want. 2 stroke, or 4 stroke? What kinda drive system, chain, or roller? How is it gonna mount to the bike? Just do some research, before ya jump into the project. This will save headaches later. You will probably find someone on this forum that has built a bike simular to the one you have in mind. Look closely at the pictures, this will give ya ideas, or you can just copy their design. LOTS of little tricks to learn :)
    By the way, welcome to the forum :) I live in Maine and got into the gas bike hobbie last year, but have always been around mechanics and bikes.
    Goood luck :)
  7. Nosnibor

    Nosnibor New Member

    Thanks for the post and this is going to be a group project with me and two other friends (one who is an engineer grad) and we have already started thing thinking about how to make it.

    I see lot's of people that make motor bikes from legit motors like from scooters but our budget right now is EXTREMELY low so we are planning on just going for what we can find.

    I plan to keep reading and looking at how other people made them and can't wait to get started on my own. Stay tuned for pics when we actually start building....I'm excited for this!
  8. SlugMan

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    I've seen people use a chainsaw motor, and set it up for a friction drive. Cost... I've heard claims of around $50 dollars for the setup (motor was free). Most parts were collected from a hardware store. That's low budget!
    Good luck
  9. Nosnibor

    Nosnibor New Member

    Hahaha, that's what I'm considering for starting.