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    My friend has a gas guzzler and was going to buy one of those cheap gas scooters off Ebay. I told him to hold off and I would find something more reliable for him. Thats when this whole thing got my attention.
    I ordered a complete bike online for my friend. 2 stroke beach cruiser. Had a horrible experience with no communication, delayed shipping, etc.
    I had my friend pay the extra money to have it assembled and tested. (Mainly because he can barely tie his shoe let alone work on anything mechanical, and I didnt want to get stuck dealing with it) Long story a little longer, the bike came in a standard bike box with no packing materials at all. All kinds of parts bent and broken, rust in the gas tank, broken motor mount and on and on. I ended up pretty much taking the entire thing apart and putting it back together.
    Now I want one! I want to build one myself. So I need to find a really good motor kit. Preferably a 4 stroke unless I am advised otherwise. I live in California. Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Hope to talk with you soon!

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    Welcome aboard!

    If you're looking for 'out of the box' reliability, then I would suggest taking a look at a Honda or Robin-Subaru 4-stroke utility engine in a rack mount by Staton or GEBE. While you can get lucky with a clone engine, the quality control for the clone bike engines is really hit or miss. Then, when you thoss in the chintzy supporting hardware in a lot of the kits, you end up spending way too much time fixing the bike (or adding good hardware to get it more reliable.)