New to the forum, FINALLY finished breaking in my engine

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    Sup everyone. Just finished my first motorized bicycle and encountered many problems on the way. Problems that I'm sure everyone has come across some time or another.

    I'm a 19 year old college sophomore at UT Arlington bout to turn 20 at Christmas time. Been riding my bike to school everyday since I started college (I live about 5 miles away) and got tired of arriving drenched in sweat and smelling like a pig. So like everyone else here, I motorized my bike with a 66cc skyhawk engine. I still ride to school everyday rain or shine and would like to ride to work. Unfortunately I'm a delivery driver for a corporate food delivery company so I have to use the car everyday as well.

    I hated the break-in period for the engine since the dealer I purchased from seemed to elongate the break-in period to 2 gallons. Since I failed to read the actually manual (which stated that break-in was only the first gallon), I went the whole 2 gallons.

    I'm sitting in a boring pre-cal class now not paying attention (what a good student I am). My prof is a mono-toned old Asian guy with a heavy accent, writes small, and speaks softly. No mean for any discrimination as I am of Korean and Chinese decent as well. Ah well, I took the class back in high school anyways. Hoping for all A's so I can keep my job and keep working on my bike.

    Let's see what else about me? My gf thinks I'm crazy and sometimes I feel she is jealous of my bike. My very best friend from elementary school is trying to be a body builder now (he's somewhat of a wuss when it comes to speed tho - doesn't wanna try out my bike), and another friend thinks I'm gonna die riding it and wants to bury it with me when the engine explodes (he's so pessimistic).

    So yea, that's me. I'll post some pictures of my bike on the forum next time. Class is about over now.