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    I am new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. I started out with thoughts of putting a motor on a trike. After looking around on the internet I changed my mind and want to put a motor on my mountain bike or a beach cruiser now that I know what is out there. I have been thinking about riding it to work about 32 miles round trip and riding it for fun as well. I have been looking at two 2 stroke kits the Grubee SkyHawk 48cc GT2B or the Jet 48cc which is the cheaper of the two. Like anything else I guess you get what you pay for. Do you guys think that either one of these kits is up to the task? Any adivise would be appreciated. Thanks,

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    Hi Dave,

    Welcome aboard. I'm not familiar with those two engines in particular. But they look like variations of the basic two stroke known around here as the happy time.

    Either one of them is likely to do what you need it to, for a while. Maybe a long while. But maybe not. But they're so inexpensive that replacement isn't such a big deal.
    If you ride to work for about two weeks you'll have saved enough in gas money, nearly, to buy another engine.

    Your commute is a long one. It's gonna make you sore and tired. But with practice you can likely get the feel of absorbing that road shock in your arms and legs. That'll make you strong without beating you to death.

    Good luck and have fun.