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    My name is Dave, and I live in Redding, CA., ride my bike to work (volunteering), at least I did until it stopped working. I have a Diamondback Beach Crusier, and thoroughly enjoy it. The motor is a RAW motor (discontinued). Let's see... what else can I tell about myself..... oh yes, born and raised in Hawaii, moved away when I was 34, following a wahine, she went back to NC, found someone else, happily married for 32 years. I am retired, from my own business of restoring natural stone. Now I volunteer at a local hospital, am President of the Volunteers, and in July, I will return to chair the volunteers in the Emergency Room. Short story, huh?

    Thank you for reading this.

    Thank you!
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    Welcome aboard, Dave.
  3. haoleboy

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    Mahalo Nui Loa!!! (thank you very much)
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    Howziit haoleboy!

    As ALL locals will ask, what high school did you attend?

    Welcome to the club, Dave!
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    Howzit, brah!
    I wen to James B. Castle... in Kaneohe ....not goin' tell when I grad.....bumbye tell my age!!!
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    LOL, age showing in da upper right corner.

    St. Anthony School on Maui, class of '64.

    Okay, Castle High, where Bryan Clay, Olympic gold medalist went school.

    E komo mai (welcome)!

    So your Happy Time engine kicked the bucket.

    How come?
  7. haoleboy

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    No maki yet bruddah..... da clutch wen lok up.... no can sheef.... so gotta get one tool fo hemo da clutch, and look inside if get sa mo damage.....let u know bumbye....

    So which part Honolulu you stay?
  8. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I live by Radford High School.

    I ride my motorized bike to work every day, on Waiakamilo Road, about 6 miles.

    Remember where the pineapple cannery was? That's the welfare office, where I work.

    Check your clutch cable adjustment. Maybe no huki (pull) enough.
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    The Hawaiian Pine Cannery is puka?

    I use to work there for just a little bit way back in the 60's....
    I'll finish later in an email...... write me @