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Hi all,
I'm the Marin County guy Paul C mentioned, nice to be here!

I just purchased and installed a 35cc 4-stroke kit from Golden Eagle over the weekend. Have only had the opportunity so far for a quick 10-minute ride - I love it! I'm hoping to use it to commute to work and avoid the 45-minute-drive-to-go-12-miles rides in my car and lower my blood pressure. :)

I put it on a Trek 6500 mtn bike I have and it worked out great - pics coming soon.

I'm hoping to use this forum to connect with other folks and share info about such things as cargo carrying, maintenance and accessories (I have to find a sturdy kickstand!).

Tom, I see you're in SLO, we have an office down there and maybe someday I'll get to visit again - I'll bring my bike!



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Sep 30, 2006
About baskets/carriers


A standard basket is 18 x 12 x 6 inches deep, and that heavier Ward brand I like to use is 20 x 12 x 9 deep.

When I started with those WalMart Avalon bikes, the "springs/shock absorbers" on the front forks bent the legs of a standard basket. That was another reason I went to the Sun Alum 7, standard forks meant no stress on the 2 legs that fit on the axle. On the Avalon I used tape/short rods to reinforce that bottom portion of the legs, near the bolts, about a 6 inch "cast".

HOWEVER, I later learned there was a way of putting another, third support from beneath the basket and attached to the steering yoke. to relieve some of the stress from the shock absorber.

Once you have a good basket on there, you can do a couple of things, like make a hinged "top", converting the basket into a box. If the laptop can fit inside, you could pad it with anything, and if it is bigger than 20 x 12, it can fit it on top of this hinged lid. I guess getting a waterproof, heavy padded laptop case is the key to any attachment.

But if it has springs, go ahead and reinforce that bottom third of the 2 legs ahead of time, you don't want to be traveling at 30 mph and have one or both legs go "shclooop' and bend on the road. That bend will ALWAYS be near the bottom, and $1-2 worth of straight brackets, tastefully wrapped in designer color electric/duct tape will give you a starting place.

One of my customers is a deer hunter, and he built a rack that bends up behind his seat, to clear the engine, then he has lengthened the legs by about 12 inches to attach to his rear axle. Supposedly he can bring out dressed leg quarters on this rack, but deer season is 14 days away, we'll have to see.