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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by digitalvizion, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. digitalvizion

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    Hey everyone...South Florida here....I ride everyday now reguardless if I have to bc state took my license away...I save on insurance and gas tho.....HAHAHA!!!

  2. Anton

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    Hi welcome here. Motorized bikes are a cheap and fun means of transport. If you need any help with performance and reliability you've come to the right place.
  3. digitalvizion

    digitalvizion New Member

    Yea I definetely need some help or advice or both....The day I got it which was Sunday....well the next day I leave my house at 530am...I get about a mile and half away and I get a flat tire on the back.....As im putting the bike into a trunk of a car, I notice that the exhaust had fallen off in between riding from the house to where I stopped.... I ordered an exhaust off ebay and it came yesterday...I also went to a bike shop yesterday and got new tubes and new tires, so now my bike is really getting equipped with good parts....I now get home and putting the rims on the bike.....I have nothing but problems after putting the rims on....

    i end up having to mess with the chain and clutch and literally both sides of the motor for the clutch and flywheel....Had to adjust the throttle cable and custom design it with no spring and basically an auto setup....But now, still it doesnt run and I dont know why.....It ran for a good couple of hours, and it wasnt used to begin with....I hope I can fix it bc I dont have a license anymore and walking sucks and the bus only goes soo many places I need to go.....And south florida is not fun to walk around.....Too spread out