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    Howdy ya'll. I have been quite into engines for along time now and building anything that runs on gas :D . Had my car breakdown not long ago (transmission $1400 :annoyed: ) and being the handy type and having a few engines around the shop i mounted a Homelite st175 (25 Cc) Trimmer engine onto my bike to get me around town. It goes about 40kmh and is based on a woman's 18" Mountain bike ( I know :whistling: lol) Here is a pic, I'm open to comments. More pics to come soon.....been having too much fun riding :grin5:

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    welcome to the forum

    welcome to the forum...
    hope you find everything you need or want....
    this is a great place......enjoy....
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    Thanks, this forum has been my main page for all the info i could ever need or want....there's me thinking "I solved the gas crisis" lol
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    you solved your gas crisis.....that's what counts.

    you solved your gas crisis.....that's what counts and
    that smile on your face as you twist the throttle say's it all....
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    Lol i wouldn't change it for the world, these little bikes turn heads, and get soo many people talking :) plus getting from point a - b is much i gotta find a decent rear tire that will take the punishment.....these wally mart specials saw less than 400kims and bald.....looks like im off to the bike shop....wish it would stop raining