new to the group but not the bikes lol

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    working on my latest project bike .. an old hawthorne i got from a friend .. sofar i've managed to strip off the rust and age (the bike sat in a bacement since 1980) and repainted it in the original colors, rebuilt the wheels with heavier spokes and gave it a nice new set of whitewall tires .. waiting on the engine kit to arive then its off to the local chopper shop to have a gas tank fabricated ... i'm going with the older wards hawthorne flyer style tank of the late 20's with a small tool compartment in the rear of the tank where the frame angles the wrong way to deliver gas lol .. had it out a few times under leg power and it is the smoothest nicest rideing 2wheeler i've ever been on. well after fabing up some better spacers to stabilize the springer
    when all is said and done i will have a board tracker for less then $250 cant wait

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    Hi Drav, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Wow sounds interesting, Id like to see photos of the progress.