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    I am new to the group. I have a Raleigh 20 speed which I would like to convert to an electric bike. I am not that mechanically inclined. I have tried to find some knowledgeable people here in central Vermont that might be able to help me get going, but so far any of the bike shops say that they don't sell the kits nor do they install them.

    I did find one guy who offered (for a fee which of course I am willing to pay) to install a kit of my choice, but I was quite skeptical since I have heard that some people have ended up loosing their bike and the kit to these crooks.

    Now that spring time is here I really would like to get going finding the appropriate kit and most importantly getting someone to help me put it together.

    Can someone on the group help me ASAP?

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard.

    And, yup, we can help. Or, I should say, our vendors can help. You'll see them on the left of this page.

    Probably the most direct way to get where you want to be would be a front hub motor.
    Almost every vendor (maybe every one of them) carries these. They're not terribly expensive, either.

    Start clicking and you'll be off and running.

    Have fun.
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    Let me add just a bit more info. It might give you something to work with.

    I weigh 180 lbs. I'm a pretty competent pedal bicyclist. I'm not as strong as the pros, but I can move myself some fairly long distances at a decent average speed.

    My electric bike is rated at 450 Watts. This is definitely more power than I need. I could go with 200-250 and be just fine.

    If you compare your own pedalling skill with this, then you ought to have a good notion of just how much power you need.
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    Before I joined this group I viewed a lot of web pages. After joining and before I posted the prior introductory message, I viewed all of the advertisers on here, but I am even more confused! LOL!

    I live in Vermont which certainly isn't flat by any stretch of the imagination with hills, valleys and of course [the Green] mountains. I am definitely looking for equipment that will last and will give me as much travel range as possible while still staying within the Vermont state statutes that does not require a license or insurance.

    The other thing is that I'd like to find a "kit" that I can install myself. From what I have seen some kits merely replace the front wheel and only require a minimum of skill with a few wrenches and screwdrivers.

    I am definitely wanting to get this equipment in the next week or so as it was a "hot" 84 degrees today in Vermont. [Strange place where just last week we had snow! LOL!]

    Another thing is are there anyone on here from Vermont or neighboring New Hampshire.
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    hey vt--- i was born and raised there but living in arkansas right now

    here is a url to a company that makes kits for that are very easy to install---they come already assembled in the wheel and they have a wide range of motors and batteries you can choose from

    you might want to give their site a look see---there is a phone number you can call them and they should be able to answer any questions you might have

    i would suggest one of their bigger batteries and maybe the 500 watt motor

    best of luck