New to the MB scene looking for tips for a jesse james 44 mag

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    Hi i am new to the scene and found this place to be a gold mine of information and decided to try to build my first project, i recently started rebuilding and restoring some bicycles that my dad rescues from the trash and he came across 2 lowrider type bikes, 1 is the jesse james 44 mag (which i want to convert) and the other is a pacific coast chopper. I am 32 and located in montreal, i am also pretty handy and think i can get this build up and running pretty quickly ...... permitting i find all the pertinent info on my bike, any pointers appreciated. thank you all in advance

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    Hello and Bienvenu to the forum. I recall a number of members with similar interests as yours so you should be in good company. Ride safe!
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    Hi & welcome to MBc. :D
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    thanks for the help everything seems to be working fine now, much appreciated.:bowdown:
  5. dreaddiekruger

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    including some pics since i didn't initially, got the bike up and running (since it wasn't functional when i got it) rebuilt both front and back wheels, replaced bearings back axle (thing was mangled beyond belief) cleaned and re-greased everything and replaced both tubes, bikes riding like a charm. i also replaced my stock handle bars with V-shaped handle bars and i am presently experimenting with different mock ups (different seats, fenders and chain guards) and will report and document my findings, also just got my hands on a Chinese engine and will be inspecting it soon to see if it is still viable just haven't had the time to give it a once over. Started making plans on which route i am going to go with the build and will update you all once all my decisions are final, feel free to give input at this point i am all ears, enjoy and thanks for reading :)

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    finally got my donor scooter and got the engine off, needs some work but should be viable, will have more once i tear it open ....including some more pics... any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

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    thanks Al.Fisherman ......bookmarked ;)