new to the road

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    having troubles :leaks loose screws high vibration level other; i live off crow rd off intersection of fairfield jackson.:helmet:

    new to the road
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    Hi there...I merged your two posts into one to save space. Welcome to MBc. This is our formal greeting area where we get to know you. I am Patrick. If you would like to post your question in the proper Forum, please let us know a little bit more about your bike and engine. Pics would help. We need to know exactly what type engine you have in order to direct you to the proper Forum for some help. 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke? What is it leaking? Gas or Oil or both? What is Make and Model of engine? What Bike? You can see...we need a lot more information before we might could help. Please start with 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke and go from there...Okay? Good Luck.
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    2 stroke,was leaking gas but stopped,I'll buy a hose clamp if needed,phantom deluxe 60cc engine , panama jack beach cruiser , 26 inch tires, I have a question the back silver wheel with teeth that holds the motorcycle chain came in 4 sizes, small to big,witch one will give me the highest top speed,I hav the biggest on right now , hits about 40 has fast acceleration
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    Gasoline is the last thing you want leaking, especially on an 'in-frame' mounted engine. After the gas drips onto the hot engine, as you are cruising down the road at 30+ mph, picture the flames shooting up between your thighs, and swirling around your seat just before the explosion. Not a pretty picture. I suggest you get that leak fixed permanently, even if you have to buy a new gas tank, fuel valve, and gas-line.

    As for your rear sprocket (that's what you call that rear 'wheel with the teeth'), normally the smaller it is you will have less acceleration but higher top speed...the larger it is, you will have more acceleration but lower top speed. I don't know exactly what setup you have, but if you are getting 40 mph and good acceleration with what you have now, I would leave it alone. That sounds like it should be about right. Please direct any further questions to the 2-Stroke Forum, or General Discussion Forum...that is really where they belong. Good Luck to you, and get that gas tank fixed before you become a statistic, Okay?
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    it still vibrates too much,any ways to fix that? i got a flat yesterday,but i bought a Super Thick Inner Tube,has goo stuff to protect from flats and thickness should help,my tire size is 26 but my wheels are much thicker than normal tires,will my tube explode from extra room? also a spoke came off and some were bent (the tension roller went loose(from vibration)and went into the spokes) i had quite a skid my back wheel locked up. part of my tire has barely any tread,the rest looks new. where can i buy new wheels? ive gotten used to turns but breaking is ...dangerous ..i go to neutral and stop from a good good distance,however because of unpredictability ive had close calls..where can i get some top notch brakes front and back..currently i only have back breaks low stopping power scraping feet on ground works better.
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    Numerous Problems

    Ibanez...I am very sorry, but I think you have too many 'problems' to be handled by typing here in the Forum. I suggest that you take your bike to a professional bike shop and see what they can do with your multiple problems. If you have any further problems or questions, please put them in the General Discussion Forum. Go to the top of this Forum and read the Forum Rules, then, read them again. Follow them to the letter...Okay? Good Luck to you.
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    Welcome to the forum. Buy your Login name, I'm guessing you are a guitar player.
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    guitars and geodesic sounds

    yep,electric for 7 years,acoustic for 3