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  1. simontonbill

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    I live outside Houston Texas.I've seen a couple motorized bikes in Ruidoso New Mexico and some othe motorcyle rallys and I've been interested in buying one prebuilt. My brother built one using a chain saw engine and my nephew built one using a weedeater motor but I want something a little more reliable w/o so much initial work. Once I get into it I might do some mods myself or move the engine to another bike. I was a mechanic for 5 years before I began working offshore so I'm not scared of that aspect. Really I'm just doing some research right now and deciding on how to start.



  2. Mountainman

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    well one built from a quality chain saw or weedeater would probably run a long time
    you say that you are looking for reliable
    there are many good ones here -- cost a little more -- but I think worth it
  3. Hawaii_Ed

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    All will need some tinkering, with your back ground will be piece of cake. Good part is they are all pretty cheap. Blow up a motor and you can get a whole new one for $100 :)

    Pick up a kit, start tinkering, and have fun!
  4. Turtle Tedd

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    It is more of a hobby for the mechanically inclined such as yourself....Plenty of info and good experienced people here willing to your own..most of the pre built MBS on the commercial market are junk ...just spend a couple of hours each day reading as much as you can on this forum and you will be good to go
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  5. simontonbill

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    I've got an older Fuji mountain bike I could throw a motor on but I was wanting something a little cooler looking. I'm not familiar with any of the base bicycle companies that most of the pre-built outfits are using though. They look cool but I'm worried about frame/component quality. I'm leaning towards just modifying the MB and seeing how I like that. If it ends up something I'm interested in I might find an old Schwinn frame to throw the motor on.