New to the site and i just built a 50cc but i worked it a little

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Hugemalta, Apr 17, 2011.

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    26" mtb 50 cc engine i worked the head port and polished the head i took the small exhaust port out past the standard 80cc and it runs great i also polished the inside of the head and sanded the 2mm lip down to raise the copression i also matched the exhaust and inlet gaskets im running the new red speed carb and at the moment a 44 tooth sprocket with the clamp setup because the 6 bolt sprocket woulndt line up with the frame and also the front mount and bolts have been tig welded and u clamped on...

    My next built will be a worked 66cc with a shift ket a new carby and im going to work it further i wil post pics

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    Hello, there. Now we know all about your MB and the mods you've made. It all sounds good; however, we don't know anything about you and that is the purpose for this first section of the Forums...a place where we can get to know something about you. After you have posted that, then move to the proper area to discuss and tell everyone about your builds. We are all interested...but please read the rules and follow them. We all get along quite well here because everyone follows protocol. Okay...glad to have met you and am waiting to hear something about you. You sound like a talented builder. Good Luck to ya.