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  1. corbo

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    hey everyone im from kansas and im 19.. i just wanted to say hey and let you guys know im about to build my second mb, im gonna try to do a bmx bike. i have seen a couple done, but im gonna try to do it with the 66cc kit.. im just worried about maybe having to do some frame mods. anyway here is the bike i have now! comments pleease

    it all started out with this about 5 months ago. its got a 49cc motor


    after i built a custom frame from scratch this is what i ended up with


    then paint and instillation of everything


    and this is what i have now. shortened frame, different wheels, and a new handle bar


    thanks for lookin! :grin5:

  2. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    Hey, another Mongoose. That's some heavy duty customizing. What did you use for engine, drive etc?
  3. eastwoodo4

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    i dont see no that a break fluid bottle for a gas tank?
    in the last pic the sprocket on the motor looks i seeing that right?
  4. corbo

    corbo New Member

    the engine is off of one of those chinese pocket bikes.. 49cc. the transmission on the motor uses a centrifugal clutch and its just a one speed. i dont need pedals, i can start from a stop easily. the huge sprocket on the motor is actually another mountain bike gear set thing.. i wanted to be able to mess with gear ratios easily, so i have 5 gears on the motor and 7 on the wheel.. and ya it is a brake fluid bottle lol i didnt have much else and have yet to pick up a real tank. i built this in about 4 days, so im still goin back and changing little things on it, and i would love to have a different drive system, mine is pretty sketchy.
  5. professor

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    Why do you want a different drive system? That looks real compact. could put it anywhere.
  6. corbo

    corbo New Member

    yea i guess thats true.. i just wish it wasnt a one speed. i wanna go faster lol