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    Hello fellow motorbikers! My name is Bill, I live in socal, (anaheim), and have been building and riding motorized bicycles since before there were kits. (Briggs and Stratten on a bmx bike, WHAT A RIDE!!). I look forward to getting to know fellow builders and riders, if I can help in any way, let me know, and if your looking for a bike, an install, or just some advice, feel free to contact me. This is my daily rider, I put about 25 miles a day on it and so far, no problems. I've also built Dyno Kalifornia Kruiser's, micargi stretch and standard bike's, and am currently working on a JB chopper with a (secret at this time) motor!:D

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    Hi Bill, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Thanx Professor, tried to upload a photo but I guess the file is to big. Will have to work on that.
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    welcome :)
    nice bike !!!
    the woodie fenders are a nice touch ;)