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  1. david sulz.

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    I found this on the internet. Looks real cool. I ride an electric scooter. I look foreward to learning more about the controller and motors and stuff.I'm on a site called hvac- that looks the same as this. Everyone there is so helpful here looks the same.

  2. PatrickW

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    Welcome to MBc, David; you will not regret joining our band of dedicated motored bikers. Be sure to read the 'Sticky Note Posts' at the beginning of each Forum; especially this one. We have a very good search function; most everything that has to do with motors, bikes, or motored bikes have already been asked and answered; just search for the 'Key Words'. If you get terminally stumped on something, post your problem in the proper Forum and you will get an answer. Good Luck, and keep us posted on the progress of your build. You will find everyone quite sociable here and easy to get along with. For the major part, we are quite a bit more mature than a lot of sites. Again, good luck to you, David.