New to the sitebut, you have to see my contraption!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bits n pieces, Jul 3, 2009.

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    Cool build! I love guys with skills like yours!
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    Hey, welcome to MBc.
    That's pretty wild. What engine are you using?
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    that's a sweet looking home made thing
    the pictures -- enjoyed by many
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    Specs. LOL.

    My engine is supposed to be a 47 cc no name motor from a mini pocket rocket. I cut the pocket rockets frame and used it to weld the motor too. The motor is still on its original mount. It has a 2 speed automatic transmission.When it shifts to second it really starts rolling.Thank you all for the compliments and im checking out the pic size rule now. I must have overlooked it earlier in my rush to post pics.I will post updated pics when i get some batteries. It has lots of room for improvment but i beat mopeds the way it is and keep up with traffic on busy roads! It is a death trap on the pot holes. The only pain with it is changing the back tires. I burned 2 off playing with it. Its not everyday a bicycle will smoke the tires off!
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    On the pix, you need to downsize them to the 75-125 kb range, then use that little paperclip to attach them at the bottom of your thread.

    Then we can click on each to enlarge them.

    Else, while your pix upload on our screens, everything is bouncy and unreadable underneath it, especially us dialuppers.

    Welcome aboard !!
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    Im trying it but im a computer dumb. Ill get it when someone shows me. I dont understand by reading it. Ill get my buddy over to help me. It might be in front of my face but i just dont get it.
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    Trying to downsize and attach. Please pay me no mind.


    I dont think that worked right at all. Thats it until help wakes up!lol!
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    I resized this one..... click the pic. :grin5:

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    was that thing held on with a c-clamp???
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    No it is not. The c clamp was to line the chain up and keep the moor in place before i welded it. I never ran it with the c clamps.
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    If I ever build a trike, it will be based on yours. I'm just not a fan of quads.
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    1024 768 139k is dialup friendly imo...
    (or did he edit his post and they were all originally embeded?
    cool trike, i made somthing similar recently but it has ALOT bigger engine and moves ALOT slower and probably is ALOT noisier
    oh well, back to the drawing board
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    One more try

    If i dont get it this time i give up for now. water.jpg
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    Is that one to big?

    I hate reading.